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Importance of Languages to Find a Good Job

By Jjgn @TravAroundSpain

Nowadays, the economic crisis of countries like Spain has made many people have to leave their family and their life to go to another european cities to find better labor conditions. Travelling around the proper Spain can be a good option before making the decision of going abroad or emigrating, but it is important to know that, if you ou want to stay in Spain it is necessary to have a good curriculum vitae.

What should a curriculum vitae contain to be well considered?

We should take into account that there are many English speaking jobs in Madrid, so it would be interesting if we could be fluent in English and other european languages such as German or French. That way we could have more labor opportunities inside Spain.

In times of difficult economic situations, it is complicated to find jobs in Madrid, but knowing to speak other languages is guarantee to get a good position.

In conclusion, when there is a finantial crisis like what Spain is already suffering, people (young people above all) should be well prepared. A good academic training which includes the more languages as possible is for sure the best recip, the magic formula for success.

And you, are you fluent in English?

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