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iModelsHoldings Reviews by Mikelle

By Svetlanatans @imodelsholdings
Model : Mikelle

iModelsHoldings Reviews by Mikelle
iModelsHoldings Reviews by Mikelle

The 22 years old student was in the photography studio during the short iModelsHoldings Reviews when she mentioned about her thoughts and feelings about being a model with iModels. She started by introducing herself with a smile and proceeded to speak about her hobbies which included watching movies and cooking. She mentioned that she got to know iModels when she was approached on the streets by a scout from the company. The scout told her that she has the potential to be a model and she decided to join afterwards. She felt honoured when she was approached as she was still young and insecure that time but it did make her feel more confident about herself.
She was a little skeptical about the company but her father accompanied her for the interview to make her feel at ease. After the interview, her father thought that everything was legit and he gave his approval for Mikelle to join the company, and everything proceeded well since then. She likes being a model because she feels respected and appreciated during her work, but most importantly, being a model made her very beautiful as a woman and it boosted her confidence as well as social learning skills tremendously after the experience.
She added during the iModelsHoldings Reviews that she is able to speak more openly and be proud of herself after her experiences with iModels which includes Singapore Airshow 2014 and 2016 as well as a handshoot for Samsung for Samsung Pay. She had the chance to meet other people during these experiences and she was able to socialize and make friends with them. She also learnt to be patient after the event and shoot as she had to wait for her turn.
Lastly for iModelsHoldings Reviews, she expressed that the staff at iModels are very friendly and makes her feel at ease and comfortable. She is friendly towards the staff and the staffs made her feel confident. She wants to thank her bookers for giving her the opportunities and she is already looking forward to the next one. She also wants to relay her thanks to her make-up artist during the iModelsHoldings Reviews for making her look gorgeous everytime.

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