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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Turn Your Bad Hair Day the Round

By Svetlanatans @imodelsholdings
Don’t we just hate sulking over our bad hair days and have no idea how to fix it.  These 3 simple ways will help you turn your bad hair day around.
I’m sure we’ve all suffered a bad hair day or days where your hair just look bad and you’ve no idea why and how and in worst case scenarios we probably have something important to attend later in the day and have no time to hit the showers to ‘reset’ our hair. So, read on the find out 5 simple and easy ways on turning that bad hair day around.
  1. Tie it up!If your hair is long enough for a ponytail or a bun, just do it. A ponytail or a bun can never go wrong. I know, I know, some girls just can’t pull off the cute bun look, you can go for the ponytail. Anyone can rock a ponytail, like legit anyone. You can simply just tease your hair a little at the crown and give it some hairspray to get that volumnize ponytail look. Another way is the half bun,
    5 quick and easy ways to turn your bad hair day the round
    5 quick and easy ways to turn your bad hair day the round
    5 quick and easy ways to turn your bad hair day the round
  2. Change your hair parting
    If your partings are on the sides, try parting to another side and find the one that suits you best. You may find it more volumnize or better ‘wave’.
  3. Use a dry shampoo
    Not sure if you know but dry shampoo is every bad hair day’s savior. The ingredients inside the dry shampoo such as starch and alcohol is able to soak up all the oil and greasiness of your hair, adding along volume and a nice scent to it. 
    Tips while using a dry shampoo:-Spray your hair from a distance and not too close-Massage it gently onto your scalp after spraying to distribute evenly onto the hair.
  4. Braid it
    If your fringe or bangs are the one that’s causing that bad hair day, braid it into a side French braid bangs!
    5 quick and easy ways to turn your bad hair day the round
    The fifth step would be for the ultimate lazy(s), and you just want to hide it from the world.
  5. Wear a hat/cap!

    The ultimate solution for the extremely lazy people and still look cool. Not sure about you but I’ve always find people who wear hats give out this suspicious + attractive vibe, like you just want to see the face hidden beneath the cap.
      Say no more to feeling helpless on a bad hair day! Go forth and turn that bad hair day around children’ 

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