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iModels Talent & Modeling Agencies Reviews - Nufail’s

By Svetlanatans @imodelsholdings
Model: Nufail

iModels Talent & Modeling Agencies Reviews - Nufail’s
iModels Talent & Modeling Agencies Reviews - Nufail’s

Nufail introduced himself as a twenty-five year old student who likes to go to Trampoline Park during his free time during the iModels Reviews. He got to know iModels when a scout from the company approached him at Orchard Road. He mentioned that he does not usually entertain scouts and on that day when the scout approached him, he felt skeptical towards the company, at the same time nervous. Initially, he thought that the company was a scam because there were numerous scam cases in Singapore that time and furthermore, he did not hear of the company’s name before. However, he took the company’s namecard after all and went for the interview. He was requested to fill up a form before the interview to let the interviewer access to see if he is right for the company, despite feeling uncertain, he filled up the form and proceeded with the interview anyway.
Nufail mentioned that he loves being a model during the iModels Reviews as he is able to express himself to other people and he feels that it is a form of art that could be interesting because of how messages can be conveyed through different expressions. Not only that, being a model has allowed Nufail to gain knowledge about how he expresses himself, how he pose and build up his confidence level in front of the camera. Interestingly, he thinks that being a model allows him to find out about nice places to shoot. Due to the social media trends like Facebook and Instagram, people are constantly posting pictures about the places they have been to, and Nufail sees modeling as an opportunity to find out these “worthy” places to go to for a snap and upload to his social media sites. Of course, he knows how to be professional during shoots and will not let the sceneries affect the quality of his work.
Nufail mentioned during the iModels  Reviews about his modeling experience recently with Uber and he stated how he made new friends from neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He was pleased with the experience because it was his first shoot and everything went smoothly despite adverse weather conditions due to rain. He advised people who are still contemplating about joining iModels to just give it a go and try out because there is nothing to lose. He added the fact that meeting new friends, gaining new experience and knowledge is something that he will never forget and he urged everyone to explore and join iModels. To further emphasize his points, he admitted that he was nervous and skeptical at first but after getting good job and modeling offers, he was surprised by the efficiency of the company as well as meeting friendly consultants in the company who dealt with his skepticism.
Lastly for the iModels  Reviews, he wants to thank his bookers for getting him the job offers, the photographer who helped him set up his portfolio as well as the make-up artists who made him look fabulous during shoots. He urged everyone to stay positive and work towards the dream.

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