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IModels Holdings Reviews By Jaylene

By Svetlanatans @imodelsholdings
Model: JayleneIModels Holdings Reviews By Jaylene
IModels Holdings Reviews By JayleneSituated in iModels Holdings’ studio, the Jaylene made herself comfortable by sitting on a chair as the iModels Holdings reviews commenced. The homemaker started off by mentioning her hobbies, which include shopping and traveling. She then went on to say that she came to know about iModels through her daughter as a scout gave her daughter a namecard on the streets. Jaylene brought her daughter to the agency for an interview and everything went smoothly from there as she became one of the agency’s models as well. She thought the company was a scam initially because she did not know anything about it, but during the process of the interview, the staff at the company explained to her exactly what the agency does and she was convinced afterwards. She stated that she likes being a model because as a homemaker herself, being a model is an eye-opener for her as she can be exposed to new things, be more confident, and see a new side of herself. She added that she can make more friends and dress up nicely while being a model, and the extra income earned is only secondary. Jaylene also stated in the iModels Holdings reviews that being a model has not changed her life too much as she is still new in this industry and she is slowly adapting and learning more about modeling. With regards about the project she did for Singapore Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark, she was tasked to act as a grandmother, which was something very new to her as she is not a grandmother herself. It was a new experience and she hope that she will receive many different offers in the future to widen her knowledge of different fields.
She reckons that there is no harm trying to be a model because humans only live once and people should try out new things and experience a different way of life. She added that aspiring models should not misunderstand iModels Holdings for being a scam because the agency has a lot of big name clients and one will never know when he or she will make it big in the modeling industry. Lastly during the iModels Holdings reviews, Jaylene wants to thank the company’s bookers for getting her suitable projects, the makeup artist who did her makeup as well as everyone in the agency for being so friendly towards her. 
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