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Illinois Marathon Training Week 17

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld

Week 17 is in the books.  7 more weeks until the marathon. I actually feel refreshed after last week's recovery week.
  • Monday - 75 min yoga
  • Tuesday - 9 miles treadmill
  • Wednesday - 50 min spin, 20 min strength training
  • Thursday - 6 miles with 4 @ 9:02 pace (.5%) incline
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Volunteering at Punk the Monk (a workout in itself)
  • Sunday - Rest
  • Weekly Total - 15 miles + 75 min yoga + 50 min spin + 20 in strength training
Missing? My weekly long run.  Which was a half marathon this week.  Since Matt was visiting, I got up early on Sunday morning intending to start running while he slept it.  Rain was coming down and I wasn't thrilled about the idea of running in wet shoes.  So I gave into the temptation of my warm bed and thought I'd try again in an hour.  It was still raining then so I blew it off.  I'd rather spend time with Matt anyways.  I ended up running that long run on Monday night, but more about that in next week's post.
On Tuesday, the Chicago area was hit with another snowstorm.  I don't know why they only seem to happen on Tuesdays lately.  Work kept me busy that day so I didn't leave until after 5:30 (which really isn't that late) and I was tired.  The internal debate about whether to go to the gym or go home was raging in my mind and to encourage myself to go to the gym, I bribed myself with a little treat from Trader Joe's.  If I ate a snack, I thought it would help me have a little more energy.  Well it worked and I made it to the gym.  The run itself wasn't all that bad either.  Sometimes the hardest part is starting.
I can only hope that Tuesday's storm was the last snowstorm of the year.  Bring on spring!

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