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Illinois Marathon Training Week 10

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld
I was still in San Francisco at the beginning of this week so my training week was a little off.  I did my week 9 "long" run of 6 miles on Monday.  Traveling always leaves me a bit exhausted so this week didn't go as well as I had hoped.
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes of yoga at the airport
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 7 miles (9:40 on the treadmill and increased .1 mph every mile)
  • Friday: 30 min elliptical (a.m.)
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 15 miles 
  • Total: 22 miles
I skipped my speedwork session this week.  I thought about doing it on Friday morning but my legs were still a little stiff from Thursday evening.   Postponing till after work was another option, but happy hour with my coworkers after work turned into happy 5 hours.  The hangover from the festivities meant no long run on Saturday either which gave me plenty of time to prepare for blogger book club on Saturday afternoon.  Running on Sunday also meant that I didn't get to run in the beautiful 40+ degree weather we enjoyed on Saturday and instead, was stuck with temperatures in the teens.  Brrrrrrr.
Running in those kind of temperatures is something I haven't done since, well, possibly never.  But with layering (3 on top with running tights) and gloves and a headband, I was comfortable when I was running.  
My splits look okay.
Mile 1& 2: ???Mile 3: 10:16Mile 4: 10:21Mile 5: 10:07Mile 6: 10:53Mile 7: 10:20Mile 8: 10:35Mile 9: 10:00Mile 10: 10:13Mile 11: 8:15Mile 12: 10:10Mile 13: 10:25Mile 14: 9:15Mile 15: 9:38
These really make me question how accurate my phone/this app is at recording my splits.  Mile 11 in 8:15? Unlikely.  Most of the others seem okay, but the splits for mile 14 and 15 seem slightly fishy.  I did really want to be done, so maybe I ran faster? I felt amazingly good for this run.  The 13.5 miler from 2 weeks ago didn't go so swell and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to make it 15 miles, but I didn't need to worry.  Sure I was tired, but I never felt like I couldn't do it.
Matt was visiting this weekend which honestly made me think about skipping out on my long run. I felt guilty for leaving him for 2.5 hours to go run after I left him for 3 hours on Saturday for book club. I talked about this before on my blog, but I feel guilty when I have to do long workouts when I am spending time with family or friends.  It is definitely self-imposed as Matt didn't complain or try to talk me out of it at all.  In the end, I convinced myself to go because I would regret it when I had to run 16 miles next weekend.  Matt tried to go for a bike ride while I was gone, but the colder weather seems so much worse on a bike.  He suffered through 45 minutes before crying uncle because his face was so cold.
Once I got back to my apartment I was freezing cold.  Shivering, chattering teeth, shaking-all of it.  I burrito myself in a quilt and laid on my bed and I still couldn't warm up.  After laying there for about 20 minutes, I took my temperature because I was still so cold and it was only 95.5 degrees.  Normally, my body temperature runs in the low 97's, but this was a new record for me.  The only way I managed to warm up was to take a long, hot shower.  It felt so good to be warm again.
I did some Google-searching and besides finding out that I have some terrible disease or hypothermia (Please note the sarcasm), all I managed to come up with is that I was dehydrated. (Also I don't recommend Googling your symptoms, it always comes back with the worst possible outcome instead of the most likely cause).  Dehydration makes the most sense because I don't carry water with me on runs and I didn't have a lot to drink Sunday morning or on Saturday.  I'm going to be more aware of my hydration next weekend!
Has anyone every experienced this kind of can't-get-warm feeling after a run?

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