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Ikea - Proven to Solve and Cause Marital Stress

By Forevermelody
Ikea - proven to solve and cause marital stressWhat do you fight with your partner about?
Luke and I have a few sure fire ways to get at each others' throats. Luke never replaces the empty toilet paper roll, when doing dishes I get water on the ground and Luke steps in it in his socks, Luke can't find his belt and accuses me of "hiding" it.
Now that we own a house I looked at our marital strife and decided not to put up with it anymore. We can put as many holes in these walls as we want and we're going to be here long enough to enjoy them! I'm not the only one looking at home-decor/organization for solutions to marital problems. Swedish furniture vendor Ikea launched an ad campaign in England stroking the battle of the sexes as to who is more messy. Ikea's claim is an organized home decreases petty arguments between partners. I thought of this before hearing about Ikea's ad scheme on NPR.
Luke installed hooks along the side of the closet walls. One hook is for his belt, one is for his hat, one is for his jacket and one is for his backpack (all things he accuses me of hiding when he can't find them).
I purchased a hook-style toilet-paper holder from home depot. Eliminating the need to remove the toilet-paper roll from a spring holder and making it as easy as slipping the roll on a hook means no excuses for leaving an empty roll on the holder. Also, normally Luke just places the new roll on top of the empty one, with the hook system that's not an option, it would just fall right off. Fight solved.
As for the water in the kitchen - I'm going to try a kitchen carpet near the sink that I found at Ikea a few years ago. We'll see how that works.

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