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Ignorant Minds Want to Know...after Same-sex Marriage, What's Next?

Posted on the 29 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
After you lose all your arguments; Same-Sex Marriage is generally accepted by the general public, polls all favor the rights of same-sex marriage, 37 States recognize the union of that marriage. And courts throughout the country are upholding the Laws...if you have absolutely nothing left as a so-called journalist?...turn towards your FoxNews minions and schlep that horseshit of ignorant thoughts.
They always buy it; hook, line, and sinker! "After Same-Sex Marriage comes Legalized Group Sex"!! They're going to legalize Incest!!...great sound-bytes to rally up racism and bigotry in the name of religious ignorance.
What causes problems likes this?...look at Baltimore, it's ignorance on both sides, the inability of a community to communicate! But what really caused the inability to communicate? and it's going on every day throughout the country!...when there's tension, bad cops feel invincible and good ones feel stuck, caught up in all the turmoil.
What's the Root Cause?? The rise of Racism, Bigotry, and sheer Hate of Others, not of the same Faith...since a Black Man became President!! It's all the Evangelical Christian Right! Nothing is right in this world, and unless it's 'their' way in life! They rather not die as Martyrs, like in some other Faiths...but, they'll annoy you till the day 'you' die! They just never shut up!!
Now, you have Same-Sex Marriage! The Supreme Court is making a couple of decisions regarding Marriage Laws in a couple of months, and after the Arguments were made...Roberts' demeanor and the air about him, didn't appear too favorable for Laura. Of course! next you're going to see Legalized Incest!! It's their eventual downfall, their lunacy!...Ted Cruz threatening the Supreme Court by trying to pass Legislation to prohibit the Federal Judiciary from hearing or ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Cases...Steve King, had the same Bill in the House!
And for their true sign of what they truly stand for...stupid batshit lunacy: A Religious Right group known as the Abiding Truth Ministries...on their own...issued 300,000 Restraining Orders against Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, supposedly prohibiting them from hearing or ruling on the Gay Marriage case of Obergefell v. Hodges.
How many times does it take someone to be slapped in the back of the head before someone gets tired, and knocks your brains off? "Religion" and "State" are "Separate"!!
Who the hell are you, to tell me how I should live in front or behind closed doors? We all know about it, and the majority of the country understands and approves Same-Sex Marriage!  Do you want to pretend the world is coming to an end, because of Gays? or Immigrants? or because of other Religions? Then go back to your caves and live in your own self-made fears, while the rest of the Nation continues to evolve and advance forward as a modern civilization!
Reality sucks! but as a Civilized Nation, we need to comport ourselves a little more was Civility what got us out of those Caves, and into the Light!
I really do enjoy living in a world where all my choices are my own, and no one can tell me how to live me a world where I can enjoy the luxury of modern-day technology, that allows me to criticize those who deny these technologies exists and highly anticipate when they call back and still deny it! What a world! But what I enjoy the most, is watching these Foolish zealots clash with the Pope and the Bible!
Yes! I believe God meant for Francis to be his Messenger on Earth...times like this? Time to listen a little!! And with Pope Frank? the Religious Right has a formidable undefeated heavyweight opponent!
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