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If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

By Surbhi204
If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon
One more Sidney Sheldon :) .This one is my third book in a row written by the author and its again an impressive story .One of the BEST books that I have ever read. Completely unpredictable, It was a wonderful story about a young woman who was enjoying life with a good job and a wealthy fiance, her world turns upside down because of a  wrongfully convicted of a crime and is put in jail, she later gets released and turns to stealing from wealthy people.She fools people, bluffs rich personalities and and robs them out of their most valuable possessions and finds love in the most unlikely place.This book was definitely a roller coaster for me.It keeps you on the edge till the very end, I loved the book but was afraid it might have a bad ending. I just couldn't imagine a good one but the ending was more awesome than I could have asked for.

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