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If It Ain't Broke..........

By Rubytuesday
Apologies for my last post
It was my own sill fault for weighing myself
I should know by now to leave well alone
If it ain't broke and all that
I did have a mini meltdown when I saw the number
But I did speak to my mother
She is great
She knows just what to say to calm me down
I know I need to give this time
My body is in a major transition
I need to be patient
And it will work itself out
I did have a reaction in that I did not eat all day
Couldn't bring myself to
But now
After much encouraging from my Mum and sister
I can see how utterly pointless and stupid that is
I just wanted to let you know that I am ok
Or at least I will be
I am recovering
I keep having to remind myself of that
I will get there
Even if I do have a few meltdowns along the way

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