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Ideas for Making Strong Passwords

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Pratyaksh Somani @somanitechshow
Passwords are the magic secret words on which we all rely directly on indirectly.
Recently Many Celebs lost passwords and ultimately their private photos were stolen and were made public.
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This is not the only example. There are many other losses you can face if your password is weak or it is easily accessable. You can find in news bank account got hacked and money is stolen. Hackers are very smart, beyond expectations! They can easily figure out the weak point and as a result you get attacked.

Generate Strong Password Easily

Generating a strong password is a bit difficult as you have to keep a track of it. Many users put a simple password because they are easy to remember. And they forget that this is what a hacker is looking for.

In my last post I got a comment from my reader that it really boils to generate a strong password. And so today in this post at SomaniTechShow I am sharing Easy tricks to generate strong passwords and remember them. 

So before we get started, let me tell you how hackers traps to get information required to guess password.

The Traps

These are data collecting tricks. Using these information permutation and combination is applied to generate possible password. This is known as Brute Force. This method has also got a limit. And this is why security experts insist for a password not less than 6 or 8 characters.

This be a phone call or SMS or an E-Mail saying that, "You have won $2500000. To claim give your complete details." Details required are like your Full Name, Complete Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Parent's Name, Spouse or children's name and so on details like this. I hope you are getting me.When somebody replies to that mail giving complete details absolutely genuine, they use it for Brute force, as already I stated above.The other ways are phishing page method. In this an artificial page is created which looks exactly the original page, and when you try to Login in that fake page your password is sent to the page creator.To protect yourself from this you should always use good Antivirus.One such good Antivirus is Bitdefender Internet Security.

Easy Password Making Methods

There are already many tools available over internet for making Strong Passwords, but the fact they are too difficult to track those generated passwords.So here we go with the tricks:1) Dialogues from your favorite movie:Yes! This may sound crazy but this is a clean and proved method to make a strong password and keep a track of it. Let me show you an example. Here I am taking movie: Titanic, you choose your favorite movie here.Now the dialog I like from this movie is:"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."My Password can be:Awhiadoos (Simply the first characters of all the words.)OR<3doosecrets (Since <3 denotes heart, then again first characters. This is extremely strong password.)So now if I create a password from this line using different combinations, then it is nearly impossible for even an extraordinary hacker to guess the password.Also,If you watch Bollywood movies, then there are many favorite dialogues which can make strong password, like:"Bogambo Khush hua" so the password can be: BogamboHappyHai

So this password is a combination words of two dictionaries(English: Happy; Hindi: Hai) so it becomes further hard to crack this password.

2) Taglines from your favorite devices:

This is another easy method to make a strong passwords.

Every company has got a tagline. If you have iPhone 6 or Samsung S5, Nokia Lumia, Canon Camera or any other device like this, use that tagline as your password. You can also couple it with some other text to make it strong. If you don't remember tagline, search it on internet you will easily find it. For Example:
Nokia : "Connecting People"
Password can be: JoiningLumia630

Now these were the easy methods to create good password....and keep it remembered.
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