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Ideas for Craft Are Blooming

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Ideas for Craft are BloomingIt's no secret that the Internet is self-referential; in other words, most sites link to another site, which links to more, and those in turn tend to link back to the original... or so it often seems.
You find a favorite art for kids site and it then refers you to their favorite collection of children's art projects site.  (Both of the websites I just linked to are brilliant by the way!) and there you find a link that sends you off somewhere else tempting... and before you know it, ideas are blooming everywhere in your imagination!
It's a great thing the world wide web... but it's also sticky... it's easy to find yourself all tangled up in the weave and warp of it all... and then all of a sudden... where was I?   What was I looking for?  But that's ok... because all great discoveries happen when you wander into the unknown, otherwise it wouldn't be a discovery!  My recommendation?  Keep a notebook handy.
Today's craft for kids project is from Mimi's preschool which recently held a wonderful 'Grandparent Day'.  While reading about hand-art I remembered that I hadn't posted this cute-as and easy craft project for toddlers.  Mimi traced her hand onto coloured  paper, and so did her grandmother.  Then the hands were cut out, and taped onto a straw.  They made a leaf together, stuck that on and wow; a lovely family-flower for everyone to treasure!
Why not make a whole garden-full at YOUR next family function; they'd make an impromptu and  spectacular centerpiece for the table, and then let people take them home as keepsakes; ah - nice!

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