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IC Olive Styling Gel Quick Review

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor

Hello everyone! Life is super busy lately. Between family life, school, and working out, my hair is what I want to spend the least time on. So I've opted for wash and goes!
I had to go shopping for some new hair products because I was completely out of conditioner and creams. Yes, chile, I am no longer a product junkie! Since I've been opting for wash and goes I needed a product for some hold. So I bought IC Olive styling gel. There were 4 kinds of Eco Styler gel available at the Base Exchange (I live overseas as a military dependent) but none with any added oils. So I decided to try IC. I saw it feature on many blogs and youtube videos, so I was excited to try.
I had great results with this product. Great hold, shine, and not flaky!

IC Olive Styling Gel Quick Review

First Day Hair

Here are the results from last week! I had 4 great days with NO additional products needed after the first day to retain the style including water!
IC Olive Styling Gel Quick Review

Second Day Hair!

IC Olive Styling Gel Quick Review

Third Day Hair!
Today I had to wash my hair early in the morning and go! I washed, added about half a palm full of gel for three sections, shook each section, and finished my morning routine with the children. I couldn't diffuse because we were running behind. However when I came home I was able to diffuse and here are the results! I like this gel. It's slightly more costly (about a dollar) than eco styler, but I prefer the results of this gel the best. I love that there is NO flaking and my hair still feels soft but there is a slight hold that keeps my wash and go nice for a few days- even with my workout routine! It also works amazingly well for my daughter's super soft curls!
I hope this was helpful!!!!

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