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I Support Eric Casebolt, Hero

Posted on the 12 June 2015 by Calvinthedog

About the McKinney, Texas incident in which Officer Casebolt has resigned due to alleged police brutality in an incident that was captured on videotape.

I have been somewhat supportive of the Blacks so far as far as this Black Lives Matter stuff goes, but they are starting to go way too far, just like they always do.

The details of the case are here.

Almost everything the Blacks and White liberals are saying about the case is a lie, but that figures. In most of these Black Lives Matter cases, the Blacks and White liberals have not told the truth at all. They have done a lot of lying. But that figures also as Blacks and White liberals routinely lie about racial matters in the US.

Here is what really happened:

Yes a Black woman threw the party. I believe it took place at a pool in a private community association. Each guest is allowed to bring only two friends with them. The people who were invited were not the problem. The problem resulted when a low-class Black named Tatiana Rhodes, age 19, who goes by the names of Young KC or Keef Cakes on social media, began promoting the event on social media outlets and printing up flyers and whatnot.

This resulted in a large number of low-class Blacks from outside the community basically crashing the party as uninvited guests. There were already a number of Blacks (and Whites) at the party, but they were all from the neighborhood and were all invited. Approximately 100 low-class Blacks tried to crash the party. They were stopped by residents and security officers, so they went around to the back and climbed the fence to get in. This resulted in security guards and residents going over to the fence to try to stop them from crashing the party.

The party-crashers then began assaulting security guards. A fight broke out. It is said that a White woman started the fight, but that is not true. First of all, this White woman had been invited to the party which was being thrown by a Black woman.

A Black woman, apparently Tatiana above was pulling a White woman’s hair. There was some sort of a struggle going on and a White woman ran over and hit Tatiana as she was pulling the other White woman’s hair. Now personally, I do not if that counts as “starting a fight” or not but I think that White woman deserves a medal for smacking that girl. Then a fight resulted which can be seen on video. In the fight, you cannot tel who is doing what to whom, only that Tatiana seems to be being pulled off of a White woman. Some Black males are gathered around urging Tatiana on and yelling at her to hit the White woman.

At the same time, some of the low-class Blacks began running about  vandalizing property.

Apparently at this point, security guards called police. That was the right thing to do.When the police arrived, all of the party crashers started fleeing the scene as they knew they were not invited. Police  tried to get them to stick around so they could find out what happened. Police then figured no one was at fault here and it was just best to tell everyone to go home, so they began telling people to leave. The Black party-crashers refused to leave, as you might imagine.

The 15 year old girl who was thrown to the ground, who got what she deserved, had been told to leave on 5 separate occasions. She refused to disperse and instead kept approaching the officer and cursing at him. Finally he threw the little Hellcat to the ground. Yes, she was on the sidewalk. The Blacks say he smashed her head into the sidewalk. That’s a lie. He threw her down on the sidewalk, but he didn’t do it very hard, she didn’t hit her head and it doesn’t look like she got hurt. Then he pulled her over on the lawn, put his knee in her back and handcuffed her.

What’s wrong with that? Guess what? If you don’t do what the cops tell you to do, they will throw you down and on the ground and cuff you. They have been doing this to White people forever. A White family member was recently thrown to the ground when he refused to obey an officer’s order to halt for questioning. He was tackled, thrown the ground and handcuffed. That’s what happens when you don’t do what cops say.

At any rate, low-class Blacks began surrounding the officer, yelling at him and jumping towards him. Two young Black boys approached him aggressively from behind and one reached into his pants pocket. That is when the officer pulled his gun on them, and this was the right thing to do. I am very glad these punks got a gun pulled on them. They deserved it.

What really happened. Yeah, that Black ghetto punk deserved to get that gun pulled on him all right. Give that officer a medal!

What really happened. Yeah, that Black ghetto punk deserved to get that gun pulled on him all right. Give that officer a medal!

Getting a gun pulled on you by a cop is no big deal. One time I had a cop behind me in a nearby large city. He was signaling me to pull over. I felt that I could not pull over safely so I drove slowly and delayed a bit until I found a street I could turn right into. The young Black police officer approached me with his weapon drawn and told me that when a cop signals you to pull over, you pull over no matter what. I was not particularly upset to have a gun pulled on me. It didn’t seem like he was about ready to use it.

We Whites get thrown to the ground all the time when we disobey cops. We Whites get guns pulled on us all the time when we behave dangerously around cops. There is no racism going on here.

Although many low-class Blacks crashed the party, of the 100 total party-crashers, only 7 caused any problems. Most just tried to crash the party and then took off when the police were called. There was no racial targeting of Blacks. It’s all a great big lie made up by the SJW’s.

Since the incident occurred, many of the innocent White homeowners have been targeted by low-class Blacks and SJW’s. Their neighborhood has been called KKK Central. The good Blacks who fought the low-class animals and sided with the Whites are being called Uncle Toms and House Niggers just because they tried to act civilized. Some of these Blacks have been active in the Black Lives Matter movement and say that this whole poor party affair is stupid and has nothing to with race. The low-class Blacks are threatening the White homeowners, saying they are going to come shoot up their houses.

On Sunday night, two days after the incident on Friday, the same low-class Blacks who caused the incident rampaged through the community. They ran around kicking in people’s front doors. The vandalized over 20 vehicles and engaged in a lot of thievery. They stole a truck from a community member and crashed it into dozens of vehicles. Whether this is just their normal way of relaxing and having fun or whether this was a mini-riot over this fake cause is not known.

This whole mess was started by – what else? Low-class Blacks acting like a bunch of animals just like they always do. That is what is the ultimate cause of every single one of these Black Lives Matter incidents.

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