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I Support Big Earl

Posted on the 01 February 2018 by Calvinthedog

At first I thought this guy was messed up, but then when I heard the whole story, I support him. Big Earl does not say no gays and lesbians in his restaurant. In fact, he states that there are many gay and lesbian couples who come there to eat. However, they abide by the Big Earl’s rules – no PDA, act normal, dress appropriately, etc. These guys were thrown out because they were touching each others’ legs and engaging in gay PDA in what is obviously a very redneck restaurant.

  • First of all, don’t go places where you are not wanted.
  • Don’t even live in places where you are not wanted.
  • Don’t try to join crowds or social circles where you are not wanted.
  • Don’t go there, move, avoid that group of people, etc.
  • Move to a place where your kind is accepted, go to businesses that accept you and are nice to you, and go join crowds or groups that will accept you.

Most people learn this stuff in the 5th Grade.

Now there is some weird SJW movement that says all locales, businesses, crowds and friend circles are mandated to accept everyone who lives there, goes there, or wants to join the group. Screw that.

People have a right to their friend circles and their social codes. If you violate their social codes, you may not be welcome in that town, business or group. So play by the rules. When in Rome, do like the Romans. Or move.

Big Earl clearly does not discriminate against gays. Many gays who are known to him eat at his restaurant. However, these gays abide by certain social codes and rules that you need to abide by if you are to eat at Earl’s.

PS. There is a rumor that Big Earl was arrested long ago for some crime involving having sex with a young man. So this Big Earl homophobe seems to be just a tad bit gay himself.

Of course this plays into stereotypes about homophobes. Actually, some homophobes are covering something up or engaging in reaction formation, but most are not. Most homophobes are just straight people who very much dislike homosexuality, probably male homosexuality in particular, for reasons such as masculine codes, personal disgust that straight people normally have, religion, etc.

The whole “Homophobes are gay” thing is a big fat Gay Politics SJW lie. Besides there are serious problems with gays engaging in this argument that I have gone into before on this site.

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