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I See London, I See France

By Brisdon @shutuprun

This week I have been really busy with Heidi, my new child.


Don’t even pretend she isn’t ridiculously gorgeous

You all weren’t kidding about the hair. I find clumps of it everywhere. Am I going to have to invest in a Dyson?  The FUR-minator comes from Amazon today, so that should help, right? In the spirit of repurposing, I might knit a sweater with all that hair (remember this book?), or perhaps make a merkin (everyone can use a pubic wig, right?).


This is a very small sampling and yes, that is my new rug

I’ve been taking Heidi on long walks and even making her run a bit. It is my version of doggie boot camp. I have to get this bitch into shape (that is not derogatory, that is the proper term). I might have overdone it a couple days ago when we did a 3.5 mile run/walk.  We got home, she drank some water and proceeded to throw up everywhere. It kind of reminded me of the Biggest Loser. Only I had to clean it up and Dolvett’s muscles weren’t around. Sam pulled the area rug onto the driveway and we hosed it down, but then we just threw it away and went to Home Depot to get another one. I think Heidi is smart enough that I can teach her to puke in the toilet from now on.

At least she doesn’t do this (yet). My friend texted me this photo of her dog last night (YES. LMAO):


In all the Heidi excitement I forgot to tell you all that Emma and I did the Diva Dash this past weekend. It is a 3 mile long course with 10 obstacles. I thought it was a very smart thing to do an obstacle course 2 weeks prior to my marathon because I am not injury prone enough (that was sarcasm).

Try not to look at my crotch shot – I have the best monkey bar form in the land:


This is not a proof

Somehow I climbed over a 12 foot high rope ladder, straddled tires and cruised through the monkey bars without breaking a hip. Overall, it was a blast and people take this thing very seriously. You should have seen some of the costumes. Cleavage everywhere. I don’t think this is a race I would have done normally, but it was a BLAST sharing it with Emma, her friend and her friend’s mom. Plus, there was beer at the end and beer at 10am is a good thing unless you do it everyday, then you are not a diva, you are an alcoholic.

Do you have a Dyson? Do you recommend it? Are you rich? (those things are pricey)

Ever done a Diva Dash or one of those obstacle course things like the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc? I did the Muddy Buddy with Ken about 10 years ago.

What was your worst race picture ever? (this might be mine above)


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