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I Met Batman! And Apparently He’s a Brat…

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

While trying to decide what little moments from my life I can share with all my readers today I couldn’t come up with anything.  This made me sad because I thought, with the new job and student-teaching just around the corner I’m spending almost no time at home not doing anything.  So how is it that my life seems less interesting than it was before?   It didn’t make sense.  So I sat back with a cup of coffee and tried to think about anything interesting that’s happened with me over the past week and finally found a snarky work story I could share to make my life look a little less mundane.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was “tax free weekend” where I work which meant anything that could be used for school is not charged federal or state taxes.  Making it a great time for people to do all their new wardrobe shopping before the summer is over.  Because I work at a store that is notorious for having good sales and low prices, especially if you have a store charge, we were busy.  Now, as with everything in life, there are

I Met Batman!  And apparently he’s a brat…
plenty of people who try to bend the rules to get the best deals with the least effort and in this particular circumstance it was card sharing. Parent didn’t want to clothes shopping with kids, so parent sent them out with a credit card and told them to do it themselves.

Anyway, kids come up with their clothes and I let it go because they barely look old enough to drive and the card’s signed (which means we aren’t technically supposed to check it against an i.d.).  Up to this point they’ve both been fairly polite.  Then it comes time to sign the charge slip and kid, barely old enough to drive kid, decides he’s BATMAN for the day.  Maybe he is Batman, I don’t know, people name their kids weird things now.  All I do know is Batman was not the name on the credit card he used.  Unfortunately we use a customer system for the sliding and signing of charges so at this point I can’t cancel out the sale, but I hold on to the receipt and calmly explain to him that he cannot sign as Batman unless that’s the name on the card.  At which point kiddo mouths off to me, grabs his bags, and leaves.

Moral of the story: no more giving people the benefit of the doubt.  And Batman isn’t nearly as nice as I’d thought he’d be.

So there’s my fun story for the week.  I hope you all enjoyed it and it made your day a little brighter.  It is, by far, my best work story of the season.

And I’ve got some cross-stitching to show you.  Before I take on my next big project I’m working on a smaller one that I can get done in a day or two.  I normally try to read everything on my kindle but I’ve been getting lots of library books and paper books for my birthday so I found myself in need of a good bookmark since I normally just use post its.  So I’m making a bookmark.

I Met Batman!  And apparently he’s a brat…

Here’s what the finished design looks like in my bookmark pattern book. This was a little too much pink for me, I’m not a huge fan of pink, so I’m changing the colors around to make it a little more to my personal taste.

I Met Batman!  And apparently he’s a brat…

Here’s what I’ve finished so far. I love how quickly bookmarks stitch, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something so quickly. As you can see I’ve chosen darker blues and purples to replace the pastels.

All that’s left is to finish the border and put in the french knots.  Not too huge of a task so I should have plenty of time to finish it by Monday.  Of course it also requires lots of cutting out.  That’s usually the hardest part about making bookmarks, cutting them out and finishing them.  These patterns have a very fitted cut which leaves only one square as border.  Not enough space to finish the cloth so it has to be cut perfectly to keep the aida from unraveling.  That’ll be my big weekend challenge.

Hope you all have a great day.  Read a book, do something crafty.  Enjoy!

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