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I Make Generalizations Every Minute of Every Day of My Life

Posted on the 17 August 2016 by Calvinthedog

Barack Thatcher writes:

I see. Generalizations can be useful but are not the Gold standard for getting by in day to day life.

There are other indicators of, say, as you referenced, that you are about to be conned. You could go through life never talking to a Gypsy (stereotypical con people), and still get ripped off multiple times by others. Yeah, generalizations work sometimes, but in some cases, statistically speaking, it’s just not viable to work towards such a goal. Especially if societal perception is wrong, then the statistics don’t bear out your “thoughts”.

For instance, the Afrocentrist equivalent of Robert Lindsay could also be saying generalizations are true about how, ‘YT is inherently amoral, a rapist, and murderer’, and because the perception is that it is true, everyone will go along with it.

Generalizations can work, if they are grounded in data. The probably is your average person (oops, generalizations again) is often times very illiterate with regards to such things, and CAN’T effectively do it.

Would you go after a Black person in a suit brusquely walking down the street in a bad neighborhood at 3 A.M., or a Wigger loitering about under a place with shoes hung on the wires?

There are behavorial indicators that simply work better than gross inherent generalizations.

My generalization would that the Black guy in the suit might be ok and that the wigger might be bad news.

The only data that I would ground my generalizations in is my own experiences and memories. That would be my “data” that would back up my generalizations. In some cases, I might reference things I have read and try to map the person onto other people I have read about. But generally the data for my generalizations would not be things I saw on TV or movies, heard on the radio or read in books, magazines, papers or the web because using non-direct experiences of people as data for generalizations about real people in your life is not as reliable as simply relying on your own experiences and memories.

I am making generalizations every minute of every day of my life. Especially when I am out with other humans.

I don’t do retarded generalizations like “all Blacks are nigger dindus,” or “All Mexicans suck.”

I don’t do that.

I look at each and every person no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or whatnot and I try to figure out what they are up to. I do this by analyzing their behavior. I think match what I see in their behavior with my entire life of experiences examining and analyzing people’s behaviors. I then try to make some sort of predictions about that person based on that vast set of data, being my prior experiences.

A Black man would not be evaluated based on, “he’s Black,” but instead on what type of human being he is. Unfortunately, I am going to have to plug his race into it. First I am going to try to get a basic handle on what he is up to. Then I am going to make some general predictions about what sort of a person this guy is. Then I will make some predictions about how this guy lives his life.

And I will plug race into it somewhere. I will try to examine the entire set of Black men I have seen in my life. I am looking for other Black men who looked or acted like this guy does. What were they like? What were they up to? What sort of person were they? What were their lives like?

I will look at him and think, “Based on all of the Black men you have seen in your life, what sort of a Black man is this guy? What is up to, what sort of a person is he, what is his life like, based on other Blacks like him I have seen in my life.”

So I am going to try to fit him into a subset of Black men who I have met in the past who looked and acted like he does. Based on how those Black men acted, what sort of person they were, what their lives were like, I am going to try to map him onto other Black men who I met in the past who resembled him and use that mapping to make some predictions about him, who he is, what sort of a guy he is, what his life is like, etc.

So first, what sort of a man he is, etc. etc? Then unfortunately, ok, but what sort of a Black man is he? Sad that I have to do that, but all I have to say is Black people are different.

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