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I’m Not Buying It Coke; Your Product OR Your Concern.

By Fitvsfiction @fit_vs_fiction
Grrrr!!!I just watched a commercial for Coca-Cola that was all about how they’re helping fight obesity with their low or no calorie drinks. The line that really pissed me off was when they said, “All calories count.” meaning that it’s better to drink their diet crap than their regular crap. The PROBLEM with that message is this: Saying that all calories count is saying that the lower calorie option is always the better one and that is NOT always true! It’s not about how many calories are in what we’re eating but what those calories are made of that count! It’s actually better to eat/drink something that has more calories but is full of healthy ingredients than to opt for the diet, chemical filled version of it! Replacing Coke in high school vending machines with Diet Coke will NOT make our kids healthier!Don’t pretend to care about our health, when it’s your wealth that’s your true motivation.  Shame on Participaction for partnering up with them too.

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