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I’m Like An Old Porsche

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I only have a minute because I am racing out the door to go to Costco before the weekend rush hits. I need for there to be enough samples left for me, and I don’t want to have to fight for them (especially not for these mini penises that Ethel is handing out).

I’m Like An Old Porsche

I had a great, short (6 mile) trail run with Joie this morning at Hall Ranch outside of Lyons, CO. We both agreed a trail run is the best way to start the day. Well, officially the best way to start the day is: coffee –>dump->trail.

This is a very rocky, tricky and steep trail. From the moment you step foot on the trail, you are climbing, so any warm ups need to be done in the parking lot. I personally like to do push ups, jumping jacks and burpees. Yeah right. More like I slap on my fuel belt and hit the trail without so much as a stride or a stretch. I like to see if I can go from 50 to 150 heart beats per minute in 7 seconds. I am like a Porsche that way. A very old and non-certified Porsche.


I told you it was steep and rocky. You should believe me next time.

When you get up a ways, it is so gorgeous.  You then kind of forget and forgive the bitch of a mountain you had to climb to get there.


Joie pretending she’s not tired.


Today was my fourth consecutive day of running this week. I have never been someone who runs several days in a row because I am too afraid of getting injured. Turns out, however, that with heart rate training my exertion is finally where it should be, and it leaves me energized and without aches and pains. That is why I lay down and nap in the middle of the run. Even at home I sleep with my fuel belt on because that is the sign of a true runner.


Don’t even try to zoom in and look up my skirt. That’s so tacky.

Yesterday I did intervals on the treadmill 5 x 800s at 95% max heart rate, so wasn’t sure how I would feel today.  Alas, I felt pretty stinking great.

Okay, I’m off for the mini penises. But first…yes, I’m going there.

I’m Like An Old Porsche

I am curious to hear what you all thought about Lance Armstrong’s decision to stop fighting the doping charges. He will likely be stripped of his seven Tour de France wins and will be banned from cycling. For all of these years, I have so wanted to believe in his innocence. From what I’ve read (which is not a lot), Lance has taken hundreds of drug tests, and never failed one. But, his accusers say that is because he is so adept at working the system and getting drugs out of his system efficiently. Apparently, there are many witnesses who can confirm his guilt.

I find it curious that he would give up now. This is someone who overcame cancer to train his ass off to win the hugest bike race in the world, 7 times. Not someone who quits.  But, maybe he is just tired of fighting. Or, maybe he is guilty.

Thoughts? Guilty as charged or the victim of a modern day witch hunt?


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