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I'm a Dirty River Rat

By Brisdon @shutuprun
News alert:
I am up to 42 push ups. In a row. Every night before bed Ken says, "Did you do your 42?" and I sigh and get mad that I am tired and have to do them. Then like two cute and elderly love birds, we get in position next to one another and knock those bitches out. See what you get with 21 years of marriage? Blissfully doing push ups then passing out in bed.
Well, I'm back from a whirlwind weekend in Phoenix (took Sam there for ASU orientation) and Vegas (took myself there for some R&R). The average temperature was stupid hot degrees. Like the kind of hot where you can bake chocolate chip cookies in your car (yes someone did this). The kind of hot where you get third degree burns from sitting on your black leather seat (because everyone rents a black car with black leather seats in Arizona in June, right)?
Pictures of the fun in Tempe.

I'm a Dirty River Rat

Because every boy loves his mom to hang out on his dorm room bed

I'm a Dirty River Rat

Guess I'm an official Sun Devil. Whatever that means.

Then Vegas. Oh how I love you. But only for a couple of days. After that I kind of hate you for taking my money.
I'm a Dirty River Rat

I'm a Dirty River Rat

Dreaming about shopping at Ross while drinking my wine (look closely)

Now I'm back to training. With only six weeks to go until the TransRockies Run, things are ramping up.
Yesterday I got out for an 8 mile trail run. Here's proof (if you look close you can see my healing cold sore).

Very shortly after this video was filmed, I could be found flying in mid air then landing and sliding on my stomach. Yes, half the trail was left on my shirt. Obviously I am meant to be a combination trail runner/baseball player.
I'm a Dirty River Rat

I did not see any snakes, but I know they were there lurking behind every bush, under every rock.
Here's what my next few days look like:
Friday: 6 miles with hill repeats
Saturday: 16 miles on trails
Sunday: 8 miles on trails.
Going to hopefully wind this week up with a total of 43.5 miles.
New subject alert: So...quite a few people have emailed me about the book Shut Up and Run that is now out. No, I did not write it. Yes, I do know about it. That's all I'm going to say about that. Except that if I ever do write a book I guess it will have to be:
Shit Up and Run
Shut Up and Run Again
Shut Up and Run Better Than the First Book
And, just because it's the cutest thing you'll see all day - Krosby and Heidi. Or, as they are known in Hollywood - Kreidi
I'm a Dirty River Rat

Last time you fell on a run?
If you wrote a book what would it be called?
What's your country nick name? Mine's Dirty River Rat. Sounds about right (see above white shirt turned into mud).
I'm a Dirty River Rat


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