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I Love Crafting with Something New

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
I Love Crafting with Something NewIt's no secret that children do some dreadful things... this morning I caught my youngest daughter, Little Lotti who's almost 3, wiping her nose on the tea towel hanging on the oven.  Yuk.  I've decided the only thing worse than finding out that your child has done something bad, is not finding out.  I don't even want to think about how long this nose-blowing ritual has been going on in my kitchen.  Super-yuk.
Just as Lotti discovered a new use for tea towels, I wanted to remind you for today's I Love Valentines Craft Challenge of the joy of turning one thing into something else.  Which is what craft is all about; turning paper into planes, fabric into skirts, flour into cakes and so on.  But today I mean quirkier, and quicker, tricks and turns; like making plastic pirate coins into earrings, and felt coasters into brooches.
Dollar Stores have their fair share of trash and treasure; the trick is trying to decide which is which.  During my last saunter through my local I came across a set of 4 bright purple felt coasters.  They were cheap enough to take a punt on, and no; they don't make the best of coasters - but - they are gorgeously coloured and tactile objects in their own right.  So of course; I crafted with them!
Whilst I hope to put the floral-butterfly edge to good use for a future fairy-party, in the meantime, I hijacked one of the coasters for a slightly different Valentine's craft.   Firstly I added a pirate coin and heart-shaped sticker gem onto the middle of felt coaster.  I love that you can still see the cross-bones poking out from behind the heart, sort of like a cupid's double-crossed-arrows.  I then placed two more two heart shaped sticker-gems onto plastic pirate coins ready for earrings.  All I have to do now, time permitting, is attach a brooch-pin to the back of the felt coaster, and stick the coins onto blank studs which I'll pick up on my next craft-store visit.
A new set of Valentines jewelry in under 15 minutes - gotta love that!

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