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I’ll Stick You With a Pin

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I’m glad a wrote a post about how not every race has to be a PR because certainly that was the case this morning.

Our family ran the Longmont Turkey Trot 10K (Emma did the 2 mile. She’s informed me that 6.2 miles makes her mad and she will only do that once a year at the Bolder Boulder).


I don’t know why she looks so annoyed with me. She’s looking at me like I’ve never pinned a race bib on before. She probably thinks I’m going to stick her with the pin, which is exactly something I would do. But, not on purpose unless she was making me mad (Just kidding. Don’t call the authorities).

It was cold this morning, but not bad. About 40 degrees with grey, snowy skies. Warm enough for a running skirt and compression socks. I don’t know about you, but my legs never get cold. It’s only my arms and head. So I dressed warm on top, and skimpy on the bottom. Party on the bottom ya’ll!

So the race. I’m not kidding you – 1 mile in I was sucking wind and didn’t want to run anymore. What? I guess some days are like that. This feeling intensified when Ken passed me. Damn him. He still has the PR for the 10K in the house. He also has the half marathon PR. I should have married someone slower so I could feel better about myself (Just kidding. Don’t call the divorce lawyers).

For the next 5 miles I had to watch Ken about 30 seconds ahead of me. Could.Not.Catch.Him. This older woman and I stayed together and by mile 4 she said, “I think we’re going to finish this thing together.” The first couple of miles were right at 8 min/miles. The third was 7:45. Then I stopped looking because I thought I might be slowing and watching the numbers made me more tired.

I finished in about 50 minutes exactly – 5th out of 29 in age group. My heart rate was really high (about 171 pms average, which is actually about where it should be for a 10K). But there was not a moment when I felt super good. Lately I have been noticing that I just feel out of shape when I run faster and I don't know if I really am or there is something else going on (probably the Ebola virus).

Post race shots at Starbucks. I could not be in the cold one more minute. I was literally shaking.



Sam asked to borrow my Refuel shirt. He wore it under a long sleeved shirt, but for some reason he whipped it out afterwards at Starbucks. My son has no hesitation about putting himself out there and that makes me love him even more. I love, love, love doing races with the whole family. Bonding and bickering at its best!

Now I’m off to Breckenridge for a girls weekend. The snow is falling big time there, so I hope my new car can take the heat (or the ice).

Please tell me you also go through times when you feel out of shape and don’t know why. Suggestions? My guess is this because I haven't done speed work, so when I try to run fast, it’s tough. I know I’m not over trained because I haven’t been running that much.

Does your whole family ever do races together? We do a couple times a year, but we never run together.


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