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I Know This Much... I'm Still Learning Though.

By Misslara16 @misslara
I know this much... I'm still learning though.
 If  I  don't know anything in the world, I know this much:
That I don't have to wish I was someone else, I love me.
That I don't have to wish my voice was more changers are not subtle.
That I don't have to blend with the crowd I was made to stand out.
That I don't need material things to define me.
That I cannot stand mediocrity!!!
That I cannot live like the average person, I am different and I have to treat myself as such. I have tried to blend in with the crowd but it didn't work.
That no matter where I go, or what I do. I will always belong to God.
These are a few of the the things I have learnt and still learning... share with me how have you grown above your flaws in the past years...

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