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By Sahi
   Iltutmish was remarkably hand-some in appearance and shed signs of intelligence and sagacity from his early days. His accomplishments attracted the notice of Qutbuddin, then Viceroy of Delhi, who purchased him at a high price. By dint of his merits,Iltutmish  raised his status step by step till he was made the governor and was married to a daughter of Qutbuddin.
    It was during the reign of Iltutmish  , in the year A.D 1221, that the Mongols appeared for the first time on the banks of the Indus, under their celebrated leader Chengis khan. He was not merely a conqueror. He overran the countries of central and western Asia with lightning rapidity.
   Iltutmish  may justly be regarded as the greatest ruler of the early Turkish Sultanate of Delhi, which lasted till A.D 1290. An intrepid warrior and a stern chastiser of foes, he was busy till the last year of his life in military conquests. The completion of the structure of the famous Qutb Minar at Delhi by the Sultan in AD 1231-1232 stands as an imperishable testimony o his greatness.


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