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I Have Never Been a Conservative. and I Do Not Think I Ever Will Be

Posted on the 04 September 2015 by Calvinthedog

Everydayanewday writes:

How could you NOT be with the French Right if you don’t want to see France commit national, ethnic, and cultural suicide? ….They are the ones standing up for reason and survival.

I think people still don’t understand this website. This website has said for the very beginning that it is a leftwing site.

How could I not be for the French New Right? How about because I’m never for the rightwing anything, anywhere in any way at any time?

How about that? I never give one nickel to any conservative political organizations. I never support any rightwing political campaigns that I am aware of and I support political campaigns all the time. I have never been a member of any rightwing political group and I have been a member of a number of groups. I have never given one nickel to any rightwing candidate or organization ever for any reason and I have given to a lot of candidates and campaigns.

I cannot remember the last time I voted for a Republican unless there weren’t any Democrats running. When I vote, I just do down the line and vote for all the Democrats. I never vote for any Republican for any position in this state ever for any reason. If there is more than one Democrat running, I usually vote for whoever is more leftwing. If there is a rightwing Democrat and a liberal Republican running, I vote for whoever is more leftwing (Feinstein versus Campbell). If the Democrat is sufficiently disgusting (rightwing) and it looks like they will win anyway, then I vote Left third party like Green. In nonpartisan office races, I get the Democratic Party guide or ask my friends and I either vote for who the Democrats say to vote for or I vote for my friends’ recommendations.

I believe I have actually voted for a few rightwing propostions, but it happens so infrequently that I can’t even remember the last time I did it. I sometimes pass around signature boards for propostions for the ballot. They’re always for leftwing campaigns.

Sure the Left is stupid a lot nowadays, but I will always support Stupid over Evil any day of the week.

I cannot imagine voting for any Republican candidate for anything ever in any competitive race. Why would I?

I did vote Libertarian once in 1980 because I was young and stupid. Never again.

I am simply a man of the Left. When the cards are down and it comes to voting and it’s for the Left or the Right, I simply always vote Left and I never vote Right.

Given all of that, how is it that people keep saying that I am a conservative or a Republican or a reactionary or a fascist? I never vote for reactionary. I doubt if I would vote fascist if one ever showed up. How could I possibly be a conservative in any possible political universe.

And the movement I am pushing is called Alternative Left, not Alternative Right and it ain’t about to change any time soon.

I simply have a strong aversion to core conservative principles that almost every conservative believes in. I just reject them. I always have and I always will. The very fact that a hardcore die-hard, committed, party line, contributing and funding leftwinger gets called “conservative” is more a symptom than anything else. It shows you just how insane the Left has become in the US if someone like me gets pegged conservative.

I am not even sure why conservatives comment here. This is not a happy home for them, and most figure that out after a bit and take off, thank God.

So if I were in France, and I voted French New Right, that would be pretty earthshaking in terms of my political tendencies.

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