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I Am Still the Same Person as I Was Before the Accident …

By Gran13

wheelchair“I am still the same person inside as I was before my accident. I need help to do certain tasks but I am able to speak, think and feel the same as other people do. But, in order to be noticed, I have to be more pushy. If not, I am often ignored. When I go to a party, people seem rather embarrassed when they see me and instead of smiling and saying; ‘Would you like to sit at our table?’ they walk past me. And it hurts. I try  not to let it but it does.”

But, in order to cope, one can either slip into a depression, or, get on with one’s life. And this applies to handicaps of all sorts, any serious illness, and of course, mental illness. Robert Frost summed it up in three words:  LIFE GOES ON.’ And frankly, as hard as it might be, the best way is to take one day at a time and do something one likes every single day.

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