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I Am Sexist, Objectifying, Homophobic and Proud

Posted on the 09 September 2016 by Calvinthedog

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Is It Natural or Learned for a Heterosexual to Find Homosexuality Gross?

I’m not a homophobe. I fully support all the rights of LGBT people. But i find that two males (not females) having sex incredibly repulsive. And when i think that a man is sexually attracted to me, it makes me feel sick

Is this learned? Is this because we live in a homophobic society? Or is it natural?

Answer: I’ve known a lot of men like you who find homosexual males repulsive and not females. That is sexist and homophobic and objectifying lesbians. The only reason you do not like gay men but do like gay women is because you find two women having sex sexually attractive. To be blunt, you are homophobic, despite your pleas you are not.

Answer: I mean, if you find two males having sex repulsive, then you’re homophobic. You have distaste towards homosexuality.

Answer: Disgusting is an extreme word to use though. Chances are, if you find gay sexual acts disgusting , you will find gay men disgusting too. That’s homophobic.

I normally would not check all three of those boxes except for the objectifying women part, which I admit that I do. I am very happy to objectify women sexually and it makes me feel very good to do so. When I was younger, a lot of women used to objectify me sexually as I was said to be very handsome there for a while. Now of course I am middle aged and I don’t think any humans objectify me anymore, and I’m depressed as Hell. Why do these ditzy bitches get so upset about being objectified? Come on, it’s fun to be treated this way.

I suspect that most of the women who complain about men objectifying women are either lesbians or ugly or both, in either case in which they should not even worry. I am an unrepenetent objectifier and I will go to my grave as one, even if I can’t get it up anymore. I am almost hoping that the feminuts will make objectifying women illegal so I can go to jail for my glorious cause.

Up with objectification!

I am also totally grossed out by male homosexuality and I actually flinch backwards in real physical disgust when I see to men kissing. It literally sickens me. But of course I love me some lesbian porn. So if that makes me sexist, objectifying and homophobic, so be it. I never knew it could be so much fun to be a bigot.

Regarding the question in the title, I am not sure of heterosexual male disgust for male homosexuality is learned or inborn. It is definitely an interesting question!

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