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I Am Enough Because i Am Aware.

By Jenrene

I decided to write a new series. I was in a Celebrate Recovery group and talking about feeling "helpless". It was a process for me to discuss in group, because as soon as I spoke about why I tend to feel worried and procrastinate on some things, I realized that This vulnerable space I often feel between not worrying and trusting God causes me to feel way too vulnerable.

I AM ENOUGH BECAUSE I AM AWARE. I Am Enough Because I Am Aware.

Aware of what? You may ask. I am aware of my surroundings, the people I love and even the people I am not all that crazy about. I am aware of where I am going, and often where I am I am aware of the mistakes I have made, and the ones that I almost made. I am aware.

  1. What is right, or isn't right... in my relationships?
  2. What is right, or isn't right for me in regard to my emotions?
  3. What is right or isn't right, for me in terms of how I operate in this world?
  4. Who am I influencing and am I A RESOURCE for/to someone else?
  5. 5. Am i taking a god, honest look and reflection of how I present myself in this world?
  1. My Mentors:
  2. My Family Members:
  3. My Friends:
  4. My (Adult) Teachers:
  5. My (Adult)Leaders:
When I am UNAWARE, I am Negative.

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