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I Am Enough Because I Am Aware.

By Jenrene

I decided to write a new series. I was in a celebrate recovery group and talking about feeling "helpless". It was a process for me to discuss in group, because as soon as I spoke about why I tend to feel worried and procrastinate on some things, I realized that This vulnerable space I often feel between not worrying and trusting God causes me to feel way too vulnerable.

I Am Enough Because I Am Aware.

I Am Enough Because I Am Aware.

Awareness is about being tuned in. I am tuned in when I listen, I hear what my soul is saying: My mind will and emotions, and I am listening to what is right for me.

  1. What is right in my relationships?
  2. What is right for me in regard to my emotions?
  3. What is right for me in terms of how I operate in this world?
  4. Who am I influencing and am I A RESOURCE for/to someone else?

Am I responsive to others in my circle? Do I have a protective circle of adults, friends and teachers/mentors who reach out to me, assist me in decision-making and share thier lives with me on some level? Who are these people who help me to stay aware?

  1. My Mentors:
  2. My Family Members:
  3. My Friends:
  4. My (Adult) Teachers:
  5. My (Adult)Leaders:

Please note the names and reasons why these persons are signifcant in your life, today. How do they aid in helping your progress, grow and become your best self?

As a young woman who is tuned in and AWARE :

I am productive. I tell you , this one took a while. I found it hard to stay productive. Something was always in the way of my growth and progress for a while. Then I had to take ownership and make personal goals about where i wanted to end up. I actually take the time to read daily the blogs of persons that inspire my passions of photography, and of writing. It has definitely made me more creative. Yes,I study my craft. The things I am in good in. Communicating, Perceiving, Writing, and Observing. (And those are just a few.) I wasn't even aware I was really doing this, until I had a really major epiphany /downfall in about 1997. It was more emotional and spiritual than it was mental. Well, I take that back, it was actually very mental. I was devastated, and I realized how unimportant TV is, to making me a whole person. A person who is well-loved, complete, and considerate of others' and their personal growth. Because my life had fallen apart, I wanted to help other pick backup the pieces. And so I committed myself to that goal.

I am mature. I don't waste time on tings that are petty and issues that don't matter. I spend time alert to how I can grow to be a better person and thrive in the skin I am in. I work my strengths. I challenge myself to do new projects or learn new skills that help perfect my work, my calling and my purpose.

I am positive. I am one who tends to notice people, point out what is of interest to me, and I compliment what I see. If I see value in them, I note it. I mention it I even add perspective, if they will allow me to, to what I see. I am embrace it, in someone around me, and I ask them how I can implement the same. When negative energy surrounds me, I choose to remove myself from it, because I am clear it will not help me to continue to grow and evolve, and RISE. I know myself. I am willing to share myself with others, as they treat me with the respect I deserve, and I am familiar with people who have like-passion and purpose.

I am acquainted - with myself and others.

Why is it important to be familiar with persons of similar passions, they enhance and direct me closer to my goals and my purpose in life? Because it's energizing! I have so much fun being connected to people who actually love some of the things I love! And we join together for a common purpose, and common goals! It feel absolutely synergistic! Some of the most influential moments in my life have been in the presence of leaders and deep thinkers who move me of out complacency and encourage me to be a better person and become more self-actualized.

I am alert. I am careful about my relationships and I am careful about who I surround myself with as resource. Relationships can be the most helpful or the most hurtful aspects of your life that either help you to soar, or cause you to become quite defeated. I have learned from enough hurtful relationships, that it's not worth my time, nor my energy. Bottom line: Why invest and waste time in something that doesn't help me to be better? I have become so much better as a person because of people who were attentive, involved and noticed my strengths and help me build them. Those who helped me to become, and and invested in me.

I am appreciative. I am aware of when I need to be grateful and practice gracious living. I used to always pray for humility. I believe I used to know that being the babe in the family made me less aware and less conscious of the need to be aware, because everyone took care of me and things for me. I know , that I was a very hard time in my life, right? (I'm being sarcastic). I was really blessed to have people care for me in ways completely undeserved, but I also know that I have to begin to get over myself. Being so important at a young age, made me take things also for granted, and I needed to grow up. So I had to learn to be grateful, and it took a while to learn that. I began to use prayer as a vehicle to help me.

When I am UNAWARE, I neglect myself. I tend to do things that dont help me to grow, nor thrive I tend to not care about anyone, even myself. When I am neglectful, I am talking too much, and not very silent. I am talking even about people, and I don't do that much at all I only do it when I don't want to focus on myself. I am full of myself , when I am neglectful. I tend to not be very thankful either, when I am full of self.

Have you ever been full of yourself? No, it's not just being conceited, either, I tell you... it's being like a glutton. Wanting something so bad you'd do anything to get it. And that's quite honestly, being out of control. I don't like that feeling Being out of control. It makes you feel small, and insignificant. It makes you feel like you are not very important and I don't think people like you much, wither when you lack self control. With every act of pride, a lack of self control comes soon after.

What self neglect can look like for me: when I am UNAWARE, I don't take CARE OF ME.

- Not eating healthy - (eating too much junk food)

- Not resting well - (staying up all hours of the night)

- Not spending time with people who appreciate me, or my time. (being with inconsiderate persons)

When I am UNAWARE, I am Negative.

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