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Hurricane Sandy – What the Astrology Says…

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Hurricane Sandy is closing in on the US East coast for late Monday and into Tuesday, so I decided to have a quick look at the stars to see what they say for the New Jersey area, the part of the coast that is likely to see the Hurricane make landfall. This is a big, big storm with the top speed of the winds now predicted to hit 85-90 miles per hour, and the worst effects could be the storm surge, a wall of water concentrated on the North East of the storm because of the anti-clockwise rotation, predicted to hit Northern New Jersey into New York and New England.

HurricaneSandy natal

Firstly of course, Sandy coincides with a full Moon which is not great as the tides are likely to be at their highest point. This new Moon is opposed by Saturn and is affected by a trine to Pluto. This is a powerful new Moon affected by two outer planets and I suspect this will unfortunately only exacerbate the height of the predicted tide. We also have Saturn trine to Neptune still in operation which brings the potential of tough situations and problems (Saturn) through wind, water and weather, all things ruled by Neptune. Mercury just into Sagittarius and slowing to a stop before it goes retrograde, makes a square to Neptune and a trine to Uranus, promising confusion and possible disruption to the transport infrastructure, both local and long haul through unexpected events (Uranus) and potential flooding and water damage (Neptune).

Now, the stars for Atlantic City, a point at 39 degrees North on the East Coast which may be close to the point of landfall, show the Sun tomorrow in paran with the star Capulus (Sun on Nadir as Capulus culminating), a nasty combination as Capulus is quite a brutal and compromising star in the sword of Perseus, the warrior. We have the possibility of harsh experiences and one would expect very difficult conditions to put up with. Secondly, Mars will be setting in paran with both Acumen and Aceleus, the nebulae in the sting of the Scorpion in Scorpio. Both of these stars indicate the potential for encountering hardship. Now this may be made worse by the fact that Mars is going to be opposite Jupiter, the planet of expansion, bringing a potential for this hardship to be spread over a wide area.

Now the one other connection that concerns me is the South Node's presence now conjunct to the star Algol which is also in the constellation of Perseus, representing the head of the Medusa in the hand of the victorious warrior. Algol has a fearsome reputation for nasty and potentially obsessive and destructive happenings, especially when connected to the South Node. The last two conjunctions in 1994 and in 1975 saw two devastating occurrences. In 1994, this conjunction oversaw the Rwandan Genocide as a reported 800,000 people were murdered. In 1975 at the exact time of the South Node's conjunction with Algol, the Banquio Dam disaster in China happened after freak rainfall caused a dam to collapse. The death toll from the flooding was estimated at 26,000 and another 145,000 perished through epidemic and famine.

Now I am not saying this is going to be a disaster on the scale of those previous 2 events, BUT when the South Node and Algol combine, it seems that very unfortunate events do seem to happen. As Sandy winds up and continues to intensify, a lot of people in a very populated part of the United States may well be in harm’s way. If you are on that East coast of the US in the firing line of Sandy, I urge you to please listen to the instructions of the local authorities, and try to stay safe.

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