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By Juanatravels
When I got home from work earlier, I found a mail in my room from Skatteetaten (Norway's Tax Office) and was pleasantly surprised to find out that a part of the tax I paid last year got refunded! Hurra!!!  It's not a lot, and I have been half-expecting it since the day I left (hahahahaha) but still... moolah is moolah. :)
The unexpected surprise prompted a gush of warm, happy memories of Norge og Europa... sigh. I suddenly miss scouting new destinations, planning for trips, hiking, backpacking, couchsurfing, train rides.... which reminds me - I have to start posting accounts of my European adventure soon before I end up burying every bit of memory in my rusting brain! tsk!  Work's still holding me up a bit but I think I'd be able to free up a couple of hours soon.. will have to hit the sack for now though.
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