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How West Coast Sand and Gravel Streamlined Operations with GPS Tracking

Posted on the 21 April 2015 by Gpsinsight1 @gpsinsight

How West Coast Sand and Gravel Streamlined Operations with GPS Tracking

In a recent case study conducted with West Coast Sand & Gravel, the construction industry leader shared their success with GPS tracking and how it has impacted their fleet operations. Since implementing GPS Insight, they have been able to improve communication with drivers in the field, enhance customer service, increase productivity, significantly reduce fuel costs, and more.

Why they needed GPS tracking

Before West Coast Sand & Gravel started using GPS tracking to monitor their trucks and equipment, they relied heavily on radio and phones to communicate with drivers throughout the day. They also required a solution that would help track productivity and verify deliveries. To help solve these challenges, they started looking into different GPS tracking providers.

How it was solved

Since implementing GPS Insight’s Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solution, West Coast Sand & Gravel has been able to streamline operations by gaining access to real-time locations of their vehicles and equipment. They have established an efficient method of communication with their drivers in the field through Garmin navigation devices and improved customer service by providing accurate ETAs and increasing efficiency at the jobsite. They also utilize the solutions functionality to track productivity and many other metrics.

How West Coast Sand and Gravel Streamlined Operations with GPS Tracking

West Coast Sand & Gravel Fleet

West Coast Sand & Gravel expressed the need for a more efficient way to relay information from the field back to the office. GPS Insight took this feedback and created what is now the Garmin Custom Forms functionality. West Coast Sand and Gravel utilizes custom forms to verify deliveries, expedite invoices straight to the billing department, identify crew members on the jobsite for payroll, and more.

Along with solving their original business challenges, West Coast Sand & Gravel has also been able to consistently reduce fuel costs since implementation. They utilize idle time alerts to notify drivers if their vehicles have been idling for over a 10 minute threshold, which has made a significant impact on fuel usage.

GPS Tracking Idle Savings INFOGRAPHIC

At GPS Insight, we are proud to share the success of our customers and what they are able to achieve with our solution. Read the full case study, “West Coast Sand and Gravel Saves 5,205 Gallons of Fuel per Quarter by Reducing Idling,” to learn more!

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