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How Twitter Stopped Me From Self-Harming

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I sat alone on a balcony in Bondi, Sydney in November I held the burning hot end of my cigarette against the area between my thumb 561482 10152324952005232 1040917439 n 300x225 How Twitter Stopped Me From Self Harmingand finger I felt the pain flood through my body. I did not feel relief I felt guilt.

Guilt that I had fought so hard to control my need to harm myself and guilt that I was not being a good role model to the many self-harmers who follow me on Twitter.

I dropped that cigarette and I resisted the strong urge to burnt myself again

Days later I found myself swigging back vodka and soda. This diet had replaced my intake of food and those that read my blog and follow me, know that I self-harm by starving my body of food.

Again I knew what I was doing was wrong and before I allowed my craving to spiral out of control, I swapped the vodka for a large bowl of fruit and yoghurt.

Today I after making lunch I washed down the top of the cooker, the hob was still hot to touch, enough to burn, an excuse I have seen me use many times. Coincidently cleaning the cooker after cooking burns you.

As I swiped the wet cloth across the hob still burning slightly red, I felt the heat consume my hand and instead of holding my hand there as usual, I pulled it back

I reminded myself in that spilt second that I was fighting my own need to self-harm and how can I help others if I am failing at my own advice?

Twitter stopped me from self-harming

 How Twitter Stopped Me From Self Harming

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