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How to Write a Charity CV

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Laurenbates @myethicaledge

I still spend a lot of time helping people to write their CVs.

If you Google ‘CV writing tips’ you’ll find lots of advice and help, so let me give you one of the most important tips of all.

How to write a charity CV

Whether you’re a charity social media manager, a director of communications, or you’re looking for your first charity job, as the saying goes – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your CV is your ‘shop window’, so you need to get it right.

It can be very helpful to get a third party view of your CV, but you should never hand over the responsibility of producing such an important document. Yes, you may end up with a CV that sounds like you could run the world, but beware. In these days of social media, online networking and easy access to a wealth of publicly available information, if you’re ‘economical with the truth’ you will be found out!

Your CV advertises your skills and experience, so it should show you in the best light, but there are effective ways to do this that also ensure that, like any advertisement, the information you include is still honest, decent, legal and truthful! Make sure you recognize yourself in your CV and remember to review it from time to time to reflect your career development.

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