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How-To: Winterize Your Nails with Julep

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
You know the worst thing about winter? Everything is dry. Hair a total, crispy frizz-ball? Check. Constantly itchy skin? Check. Torn cuticles and dry, peeling nails? Double-check. Thankfully, Julep (aka makers of my most favorite nail polish) has you covered.  How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep Now, I don't know about you, but my nails always start to chip and peel the longer they get, especially in the winter, when they're exposed to the cold and hotter water (because let's be real, morning showers need to be about 90 degrees). So to keep them from looking like a mess, I make sure they're clipped/filed short and neat (I also find it way easier to type!).  How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep Then, I go to work on my cuticles. I am terrible about picking at them, especially during the cold weather. So, every other manicure, I use Instant Cuticle Remover to take care of them. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rinse your fingers and watch your cuticles wash away! Anything that's left, use a cuticle stick or pusher to push them back. Easy-peasy!  How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep
Next comes buffing. I never understood this step, until my nails starting getting ridges on them! Buffing smooths them out and makes it easier to apply polish. It also gives the polish a little something extra to hold onto. Always useful. How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep
Then it's time to get painting! In order to keep my nails as strong as possible, I always use a nail strengthener before applying my base coat. I love Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment because it strengthens while letting oxygen still reach your nail bed! So good for your nails.  How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep Once that dries down, I follow that up with base coat. Right now I'm using this version, but I also sometimes use one by Essie or Julep's Oxygen Base Coat. Let that dry, and then apply your polish! Two thin (thin, ladies) should be enough! Follow that up with top coat (I swear by this one) and Voila! Your winter mani is complete! How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep Once your mani is dry, make sure you religiously moisturize. That's key to keeping your nails (and hands) looking fresh until summer returns again! How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep
And while you're at it, check out Julep's latest colors for the winter season! How-To: Winterize your Nails with Julep

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