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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

By Invisiblestilettos
Good morning darlings! I am sharing again with you another beauty tip that I have proven very effective.  I know a lot of you might say that you know this or you have already done this, BUT trust me, this method of application works much better than what we usually see on TV or tutorials.  Want to know how to whiten your teeth the natural way?  You will only need three things.How to Whiten Teeth Naturally
Let's start by gathering our materials:
1.  Baking soda
2.  Calamansi or lemon
3.  Q-tipHow to Whiten Teeth NaturallyFirst, get a clean container then squeeze out the juice of a medium-sized calamansi.  You can also use lemon but remember that you would only need a tablespoon or two of the juice.  Make sure that you discard the seeds.  Calamansi and lemon are natural bleach that would aid in making our teeth whiter.How to Whiten Teeth NaturallyNext, pour in half a tablespoon of baking soda.  The mixture will now produce lots and lots of bubbles.  This is a normal reaction if you mix acid (calamansi) with alkaline (baking soda).  Just wait for the bubbles to subside or you can speed up this process by mixing it.  The calamansi and baking soda should be well blended.  The baking soda will act as the "scrub" for our teeth whitening.How to Whiten Teeth NaturallyNow, this is for demonstration purposes only.  I DO NOT wear dentures.  I just borrowed this from mom (hehehe!).  Instead of using a toothbrush, get a Q-tip then dip it into our calamansi-baking soda mixture.  Make sure that your Q-tip is well coated and then apply the mixture to your teeth.  I find this method much gentler than using toothbrush but will cover every nook and cranny on your teeth.  Just apply to each and every tooth, focusing on the gaps between your teeth.  If it stings, as it usually does, gargle with a bit of water then spit.  Repeat this for 4 to 5 times letting the mixture soak on your teeth for as long as you can.  After you have done this, you can now brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.  I suggest you also brush and floss BEFORE doing this whitening process.  Do this once or twice (at the most) a week to see the results.  DO NOT do this everyday as this would make your teeth super sensitive.  Once you achieve the whiteness you desire, stop.  Then do this again only as needed to protect the enamel of our teeth.How to Whiten Teeth NaturallyHope you enjoy today's beauty tip.
Til next time!

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