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How to Use SBSettings

Posted on the 27 November 2011 by Happywilson
SBSettings is a great tweak, but how do you use it? This post will tell you how. (It's SBSettings version 5.1)
When you slide the status bar, SBSettings will come down. It will look like this.
How to Use SBSettingsThere are many selections. The top are the toggles. The allow you to turn on or off somethings. If it's green then it is turned on, red it's off. For example, WiFi. In this picture, WiFi is green so that means that WiFi is turned on.
The next part is the five smaller toggles.
More- is the settings to configure SBSettings
Refresh- refreshes the toggles (useless)
Dock- Puts apps in the dock in SBSettings. (to do that go to More)
Respring- restarts the device
Power- gives you the choice to Reboot, Power Off, Safe Mode, or Lock, or Cancel.
The next part is the info. The first section is the IP Address, which tells you your Wifi and Data IP Address. Storage means how much stuff is on your device. In the pic it says "96MB on" That is all the Cydia packages downloaded. "2700 MB on /var" is the apps, music, videos
The most important part is to know how to use the "More" Section. This is where all the settings for SBSettings are located. Let's go down the list. Click on read more to go down the list.
Show Icon- display the SBSettings settings icon
SBSettings Options-
  • Statusbar Date- date on Status bar
  • Statusbar Free Mem- amount of free memory (RAM) on status bar
  • 24hour Time Format- name says it- instead of 2:00 PM its 14:00
  • Use . for / in Date- changes the / into a . in Statusbar Date
  • Allow launch in Call- open SBSettings while calling 
  • The SBSettings Window Options I don't bother to use. Just keep it that way. 
Changes- the changes in SBSettings. Not really usefulDisable WIndow- disables the SBSetting windowSet Window Toggles- choose which toggles to use, and move rows. Activation Methods- the way to get SBSettings to appear. Default is slide across the status barDropdown Window Theme- the theme of SBSettings. You can download more on CydiaDock Applications- put apps on the SBSettings dock. Hide Icons- hide you app's iconMobile Substrate Addons- DO NOT MESS WITH THISSystem Options- 
  • Numeric Battery- adds a number with a percentage next to the battery
  • Numeric WiFi- changes the WiFi bars into a number. The lower the number the better WiFi 
  • Numeric GSM- changes the bars on the signal to numbers. The lower the number the better
  • Apple Killswitch- leave it alone
  • Delete Carrier Name- deletes the carrier name
App Folders- tells you the location of the app in iFile

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