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How To Turn Your Site Into A Movement

Posted on the 25 June 2013 by Mphilippe @kolargol

Most of us have rather modest ambitions when it comes to running and promoting our websites. Perhaps we’d like to get up to a few thousand visits a day, and maybe we’d like to be able to make a living from our site so that we can give up the day-job. Most of us would be happy just to feel as though our site is getting heard, and that’s enough motivation to post articles every day and do the essential SEO to promote them.

But why stop there? The web is an incredibly powerful tool that connects you with a large proportion of the population of the Earth. It allows the common man to publish articles to that gigantic audience through the merest click of a button, and it has changed the way we interact and do business. So why have a few visitors when you could have a legion of followers?

The hugely successful sites are the ones that get people excited. The ones that inspire them and the ones that develop bustling communities. If you can turn your site into a full-blown movement, then giving up your day job will be the least of your options…

Here then is how you can go about turning a humble website into a full-blown movement that sweeps the nation…

Start With Why


“Start With Why” is the name of a self-help book aimed at start-ups and managers that attempts to explain why some companies and individuals are so able to inspire those around them and ignite change. The explanation offered is that these parties put what they believe at the forefront of their message and start by explaining their ‘vision’ and their mission rather than describing what they are selling and how it is different from the competition.

Rather than having a tagline that says “hundreds of free articles” then, try something more along the lines of ‘because knowledge is the key that unlocks all doors’ (but tailored to your niche). It’s a little more inspiring and a little more interesting right?

Create a Cult of Personality

Cult of Personality

A lot of webmasters and site authors will operate from the shadows and remain largely nameless and faceless. This might help to create an image of impartiality and professionalism, but unfortunately it doesn’t inspire people and makes your site a lot less relatable. Instead then, put yourself at the forefront of your site or blog and don’t be afraid to use the word ‘I’ or to explain your personal story. This way people will be more likely to rally behind you – because you’ll have given them something to rally behind.

Invade Other Communities


Even with the most convincing site in the world, you need to get the ball rolling in your own site before you can start to generate lively discussion and loyalty. One way to do this is to make contacts and find like-minded people by spending some time in other forums and communities. Once you’ve become one of their number, they will be more likely to spread the word for you and to take some of their discussions over to your site – and you already know that they are loyal and vocal.

Now it’s just a matter of deciding what to do with that community. With great power, comes great responsibility…

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