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How to Test Your Broken Lan Wire | Top 5 Solutions

Posted on the 04 April 2020 by Rahulthepcl

The lifespan of cable wires highly depends on the way you use them. However, just like other hardware, these things are prone to tear. After all, nothing lasts forever. Fortunately, replacing the LAN cable is not a difficult task. The real trouble comes when you have to test the wire to check if it has damaged or not.

So, if you are facing issues with your network and have doubts regarding your Ethernet cable, then you have landed on the right page. In this particular article, we will enlighten you about how test your broken LAN wire.

How to Test Your Broken LAN Wire on Windows

Below are some methods to test your broken LAN wire. If one of them didn't work, of course you can try another and learn the ways to do it. Ensure to follow the steps as it is without missing any. Here we go!

Suffering from a slow internet connection

The first and foremost indication to test your broken LAN wire is the damaged Ethernet cable. This will consistently suffer from slow internet speeds. Although a slow internet connection is not the only sign of a broken Ethernet cable, it is one of the crucial hints that you should check your network wiring.

So, whenever you feel like your internet is lagging in speed, check the cable for any scratches or open ends as you might need to replace your LAN wire. If you do not have prior knowledge about these things, try to get your internet services from a provider that offers you the complete package plan with such modem and router included in the program.

Losing image and video quality

Another way to test your broken LAN wire is by receiving a disoriented image and video quality because you do not get full access to the internet speed. Discoloration and poor resolution are prevalent issues users face in such situations. This is yet another sign that your LAN wire is not working properly and requires your immediate attention.

Cluttering and wiggling the wire

If the cable is in pristine condition, then shaking it will not cause many problems unless detached from the port. However, twisting and shaking an old wire can cause damage.

Besides, it can eventually make your internet connection slow or dead, in worst scenarios. Therefore, it is best if you avoid wiggling the wires. Now, you may think that if you do not wrap up the cables correctly, it will create clutter, which you do not want. Wire cutters are avoidable if you manage the cables with paper pins.

Hang some paper pins on your computer table and hook the wires individually in them. This would enable you to enjoy a clean environment with no damage to your LAN wire.

Inconsistence performance of the network

LAN wires that are in good condition will always deliver consistent performance unless there is an issue from your provider. However, if you are facing varying performance patterns, then chances are that something is wrong with your Ethernet cable, which is why it is failing to deliver the desired speed and bandwidth.

Therefore, check for the consistency in the performance of your connection for making the necessary changes beforehand. If any of the above ways didn't help you to test your broken LAN wire, then we still are left with one solution in our list.

Check the wire with a tester

You can also check the Ethernet cable with a cord. Purchase a cable tester from the market and attach it to the wire. Most inspectors have two sets of eight lights corresponding to the eight pins on the transmitting and receiving end of the cable. The inspector will check every pin of the cable individually. If all the pins light upon both the terms, then the cable is suitable.

However, if even one light fails to light up, then you need to dig a little deeper into the problem. You might have to buy a new Ethernet cable to make sure that you have a working system to complete your work in the given time.

These were some of the proven ways to test your broken LAN wire on windows. If used any of the above five methods to test your broken LAN wire, then do let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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