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How to Prepare for a Motorbike Tour

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
HOW TO PREPARE FOR A MOTORBIKE TOURMotorcycle trip gives the ultimate adventurous experience and there’s nothing like it. And there’s also nothing like having a feeling of security when riding on roads which you get after fully preparing for it. Before going on such trips one must always take suggestions from an experienced motorbike rider. And so to make your work easy I have written this article after exploring the views of motorbike riders who have decades of experience. 
There are about 21 insider tips which will make your tour more organized, safe and fully loaded with fun. And it is for sure that you will learn something after reading it.
1. Do not forget to carry a spare key of your motorbike and a small first aid kit.
2. Always be tuned into portable weather radios as they will provide you the knowledge of the weather conditions.
3. Carry eye drops and sunglasses as you will be on a high-mileage trip.
4. Always carry water bottle to keep yourself hydrated through out the journey. Also keep in mind that you should have light bag with most appropriate things in it.
5. Organize envelopes for each day on the road trip and mark dates and the locations on them. Then keep things like hotel reservation info etc in it.
6. Attach a simple map on the tank of your bike.
7. Keep all the stuff in your bag in saddlebags which are waterproof.
8. To avoid wind noise use ear plugs.
9. Carry a small towel to wipe your seat, windshields, mirrors and cleaning up your bike.
10. Don’t forget to carry zip ties and bungees.
11. You can buy a GPS to be on the right track and not being lost.
12. The most important of all, every morning that is before you go for a ride carefully examine your bike- oil level, engine, tires, breaks, gears, fuel level etc.
13. Carry hidden cash and stash it somewhere in your bag or on your bike so that you can be ready for any situation.
14. As you are riding alone always wear a dog-tag with your contact info and name.
15. Carry your cellphone and keep a battery back-up as well. keep a track of the routes and landmarks to help the emergency officials to easily track you down.  
16. Always wear waterproof boots and jacket, breathable linings as the nature may show its fury at any point of time.
17. You can refer guidebooks and internet so as to know everything about your trip.
18. Do not forget to carry an emergency kit to repair the tiers anywhere and everywhere.
19. Carry the original documents of the bike, insurance coverage papers, licence, passport, EHIC Card and also keep Xerox copies of it for being ready to face any kind of situation .
20. Carry an insulating tape, small torch, tools and equipments, safety lock and chain.
21. Most importantly, when you feel sleepy while riding a bike make arrangements and give first preference to sleep rather than reaching the destination.

However, a Motorbike trip is a fun fledged trip and should be enjoyed with keeping traffic rules, safety and security in mind.

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