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How To Photograph Kids

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
How To Photograph KidsIt’s no secret that pictures of children can be tricky to capture; the little cuties rarely stay still.  Who doesn't have a a dozen blurry-back-of-head-shots?
Here’s our top 'photographing kids tips' you can try next time you’re taking photos of your children at a party, the park, or just because you should:
Give them something to play with (when they’re engaged they’re standing still so the photos you take are more engaging).Get down at their height (that said, photos from above are fun too because it emphasises they’re precious ‘little people’). Photograph other people taking photos (it creates a fun paparazzi feel).Make eye contact (of course some kids just won’t look when you say ‘smile for mummy,’ and that’s ok too; we still love ‘em... right?)Feed them (this is another way of getting them to sit still – but be warned – you’ll get plenty of chompy faces and mess!) Photograph children together (the ‘politics’ of the ‘pecking-order’ at playtime can make for fascinating photos.)
Surf the internet for more photography tips on how to take great pictures of children, or read the How To Photograh Kids guide on our website... go on... it's the weekend - get out there and take photos!

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