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How to Minimize Seasonal Allergies

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Health_news

93_How to minimize seasonal allergies

An Overview: Seasonal Allergies

We all love to experience different weathers as the time goes ahead every year. People enjoy swimming and experience the cool of water in summers, rain makes the people happy in wetting while winters give a cozy and warm welcome to brewing coffee in chilling times. But what exactly upsets people is the transition phase from one season to another. Changing season time brings a bit of difficulties in the health condition of people. They tend to get affected with seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies if gets into advanced stage becomes difficult for people to commute or step outside the homes. It is very essential to understand the symptoms well before in order to minimize the risk of getting infected with seasonal allergies.

Minimizing upon your seasonal allergies:

Seasonal allergies are communicable and hence can be easily transferred from one person to another. Hence in order to assure the safety of people around us as well as ourselves, it is essential to follow the following ways in which one reduce the effect of getting affected with seasonal allergies.

  • Keep a track on Weather Conditions: The world of Internet has an answer for every problem. There are numerous websites which alert and provide information with respect to weather and seasonal changes. Most importantly it provides detailed information on ozone alerts, pollen counts and other triggers which lead to seasonal allergies. In case there is no access to Internet, then other periodicals like magazines, newspapers, etc…. also can be looked for such information.
  • Don’t forget your allergy mask: Nose and mouth are the key entrants which invite seasonal allergies into the body. Hence, by wearing an allergy mask, people can avoid this to a great extent. While stepping outside the homes, or going for playing sports, going to office, etc… one can wear this mask with great ease and avoid any possibility of seasonal allergies.
  • Washing Hands is a must: It is a good habit of washing hands regularly. Before starting meals, post meals or for doing any work, it is advisable to wash hands for protecting oneself and others from seasonal allergy.
  • Avoid continuously touching your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc…: Our eyes, nose, mouth, etc… are very sensitive organs. While playing or doing any other work, our hands often stay in connected with germs, Dust, etc… Hence by avoiding the continuous touch, one can indeed prevent oneself from seasonal allergies.
  • Remove shoes and socks outside home premises: Our socks and shoes carry the maximum germs. Since they are majorly accessed on road or while walking anywhere, they get majorly contaminated with dust, dirt, germs, wet mud, etc… Hence, it is advisable to wear and remove the shoes and socks outside the home preferably in shoe racks, to avoid bringing more germs in home.
  • Bath and shower twice: A good shower and bath indeed brings cleanliness to oneself and for people around. It is essential to bath regularly to remove dirt and dust from skin.
  • Vacuum regularly: The carpets, curtains, upholstery and other cloth things in our homes often catch a lot of germs, dust, dirt, etc… It is difficult to remove it with the help of broom. Hence, people should use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust form carpets, curtains, sofa set, etc… for preventing from seasonal allergies.

Apart from these basic steps, people can also follow few steps like

  • Washing your bed sheets once a week for removing dust mites,
  • Clean nose and gargle regularly,
  • Talk to your doctor for better understanding of seasonal allergies,
  • Install Air filter with air conditioning unit,
  • Regularly wash your pets that go out frequently, etc…

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