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How To Make Your Bedroom Winter-Ready

By Jessica Wilton @jassicaon
How To Make Your Bedroom Winter-ReadyRight now, most of us in Sydney are enjoying the cool winds of Autumn. In about a couple of months, winter will be upon us and the cold weather is bound to make many people wish for a nice sleep-in on chilly weekends. If you are planning to do the same, make sure that your bedroom is well-equipped to provide the comfort you seek. Given below are 6 must-haves that you would love including in your bedroom to prep it for the cold winter days and nights:
Luxury Bedding -It would be quite needless to say that many Sydneysiders love the comfort offered by high grade, hotel-style bedding materials, which have become a common choice for countless homeowners. Sateen-finished sheets having high counts of thread woven from very fine linen and cotton, memory foam cushions, velvet-soft pillows, wool-lined quilts, down-filled doonas, well-sprung and multi-layered supportive mattresses - all of these are perfect for achieving a nice afternoon winter nap or an undisturbed night’s sleep. However, try not to buy them all at once. Instead, save up and purchase them one by one, and slowly arrange your luxury bedding before the arrival of the chill season.
Cozy Rug -Do you hate the feeling of landing on the cold hard floor after stepping out of your bed on wintry mornings? If you do and have not got carpeting within your bedroom, purchase a nice plush rug having the deep pile that you can immerse your feet into. Just place it strategically to make sure that it cushions your feet when you get up.
Statement Bedhead -Some upholstered bedheads in Sydney are created just for upping the comfort level of a bedroom, such as the button-backed, panelled, studded and tufted ones. In case you are a night owl and love to stay up reading books during winter, you definitely need to get one of these. Not only would a padded fabric headboard impart a significant touch of luxury, but provide a comfortable layer for your bed. Get in touch with a company that offers furniture upholstery in Sydney for getting this work of your done. 
Comfy Seating -If you need a convenient place to relax within your bedroom beside the bed, add an upholstered bench seat or comfortable chair. If you want, you may even get a supportive sink-in seat that would serve as a place to put on your shoes. You can even add a small table along with the seating if you like.
Thus, use the above-mentioned items to rev up the comfort level of your bedroom before winter sets in.

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