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How to Make a Picture Book out of a Folder

By Ladyexpat
How to Make a Picture Book out of a FolderI created this nifty folder photo album for an upcoming trip to the States.  I'm always thinking of inexpensive things I can create and wanted something that was light and portable for traveling.  Since Blue Rock doesn't see his extended family but once a year, I thought I would create something fun for him to look at on the airplane. He loves pictures and recognizes all of his grandparents and my sister because of Skype.  Other than that, this will be a great refresher.  I'm missing a picture of one of his great-grandmothers so I'll have to create another one once I get a picture of her. I only included greats, grandparents, and aunts and uncles due to space.  In the future I would like to make another photo folder with extended family. 
How to make a picture book out of a folder:
- Print the pictures you want to use.  Ask people to email you a picture of themselves if you don't have one.- Cut the bottom folder out of the folder so it's flat.- I used a glue stick and pasted the pictures on the folder.- Write the names of the family members under each picture.  - To seal, use clear contact paper and place on top of the pictures. I cut the contact paper into four strips and placed it inside the folds. By sealing your folder, your child won't be able to tear the pictures off and if he/she spills something on it you can wipe it clean.  In Germany you can buy contact paper at places like Kaufland.
Very simple and cheap.  I think Blue Rock is going to love this.  Enjoy!

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