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How to Make a Floral Headband

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

DIY Floral Headband

DIY Floral Headband

Coachella is just around the corner, and it is really all everyone can talk about. I am not going to be in attendance this year, but both my roommates are & the main topic of conversation around the house is usually based around what to wear to Coachella. I have had some creative energy stem from that, and decided to create a fun floral headpiece that I would totally wear to Coachella… if I were going. Instead of opting for the typical daisy headband, I went for something a bit more dainty by using teeny (fake) wildflowers & some draped rose gold chain! This was super easy to make and I think it turned out to be so adorable.

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  • Fake flowers
  • Cloth covered floral wire
  • Ribbon
  • Chain
  • Floral tape


  1. Using your floral wire, shape it around your head to get the correct shape. I used two pieces of wire for extra sturdiness.
  2. To start wrapping your flowers, simply hold the first one where you want it & wrap wire around the stem. Continue to do this all the way around. You will need more than one piece of wire to complete the whole thing.
  3. Now time to add your chain. Simply grab some jump rings and place them strategically throughout your wire, hook your chain on the hoops. I chose to just drape the chain on one side, but you could always go all the way around if you’d like.
  4. Last but not least, add your ribbon. Simply wrap your ribbon around the ends of your headband and either tie it off with a knot or secure it with some floral tape.

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