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How To Maintain Weight On The 4 Hour Body Diet

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

Tim Ferriss Will Take You HigherI got a question from a reader a few days ago in regards to the 4 hour body diet.  He wanted to know how to maintain his weight now that he had reached his goals.  Interestingly enough, it sounded like he was still losing weight, past where he wanted to be, so he was wondering what changes he should make in order to stop the weight loss but not go back up to his previous weight.

Life Long Changes

First of all, you CANNOT go back to the way you were eating before.  Sorry, that just won’t work.  This is what frustrates me when I hear about other diets, the notion that they’re temporary.  If your diet is temporary then your results will be temporary too.  If you go back to your old way of living, you will go back to your old weight.  So that’s not an acceptable recourse.   However, if you’re still losing weight, even past the point at which you want to be, clearly you can make some minor changes to get yourself back into a good equilibrium point.

The key is to make these changes gradually.  Make one little change, see where your weight ends up, then make another and another until you end up at a point where you’re happy with both your diet and your body weight.  That’s actually very similar to my philosophy on weight loss, just in reverse.  Instead of cutting things out, you’ll be adding them back in.  So, what kind of changes can we make?

Add Cheats

I love the cheat day aspect of Tim’s diet.  It lets you cut your eating habits while not feeling too deprived.  So let’s use that as our first proposed change.  For example, add one more cheat day to your diet and see what happens.  Alternatively, add a single extra cheat meal rather than a day.  Use this extra meal or day as you would a normal cheat day and eat what you want.  However, keep close track of your weight and make sure you’re not reversing your weight loss.

Add Foods

The other aspect of Tim’s diet is the restrictive nature of his eating rules.  There are a lot of things on the 4 hour body diet that you cannot eat.  So, if you find yourself losing too much weight, just add a couple of these back in.

This was the solution I picked by the way.  I started adding fruit back into my diet when I noticed I was losing too much weight.  It gave me the sweet flavors I was craving and allowed me to make this diet into a life long habit.

Fruit by the way is the most obvious thing to bring back into this diet as it’s full of healthy nutrients.  Just watch the calories since fruit is loaded with sugar.

But How?

By the way, the common question I get when I talk about this topic is “wait, you were losing TOO MUCH weight?”  Usually asked by people struggling with weight loss.  I find that most people who ask this question rely exclusively on diet for losing weight without adding any exercise into their routine.  Yes, as good as the 4 hour body diet is, it’s even better when you start working out.  You’ll find yourself not only losing more weight but also getting your body and health into great shape.  And yes, at some point you’ll be losing too much weight and can modify the diet slightly to suit your needs.

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