How To: Maintain Long Distance Friendships | Lessons I Learned

Posted on the 23 May 2014 by Sakshi Raina @capturesunshyne
There would come a point in your life when you would have to maintain long distance friendships. Whether it is you who is moving away or your friend. it would be tough but if done right, it can be so worth it.
Staying away from home since the past one year made me realize a lot about friendship in general. It taught me various things:
How to: Maintain Long Distance Friendships | Lessons I learned
Accept that you will lose some friends:
Every human has a limit to which he can make connections. You just can't talk to everybody and since you have a new life now, you will meet new people that will interest you and since you are going to see this new person more, you would prioritize him more.
The friends you lose will be more of your casual friends or acquaintances which is okay. You're going to make so many of them in the new city too anyways.
Realizing that you will lose some of these is the first step to let go and integrate more in the new community.

Be willing and realistic about keeping in touch with close friends:
There would not be many people you would like to stay in touch on a say to day basis but the ones you have, keep them close.
Stay connected with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or applications like Whatsapp.
Skype often.
Nothing beats a good phone call. Call your friend and gossip away.
But if you cannot receive a call, instead of rejecting, pick up and say "hi, i'm busy. I'll talk to you later." It seems more personal and do not forget to call back later.
Plan a trip once you are back in town.
Accept that your relationship would change:
Even if you are the closest of friends, you will not be able to keep each other completely caught up on your lives and that is okay. Distances never separates two hearts that cares. Some of the bigger situations in life can be forgotten and lost in the conversion. However, if you both can accept this fact and still can make the best out of the current situations, you can probably be BFF's!
What do you do to maintain long distance  friendships?

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