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How to Invest and Earn Using GCash Invest Money?

Posted on the 01 September 2018 by Tokitechie @tokitechie
When I started making my own money, I was not as frugal as what I am now. Maybe because I got used to the life of a student and I wasn't ready yet to became an adult. Then, with regular introspection, I came up to a realization that as a responsible adult, I needed to make my own money and save for my retirement as early as I could. It also made me realized that the more money I save as early as I could, the earlier it is for me to retire and enjoy the fruit of my sacrifices.
Self-study I became very comfortable speaking the basic language of people who are into finance and economics by reading books and blogs about financial literacy, trading and investing. I don't claim to be an expert per se, but I am confident that I have enough knowledge to keep my trading and investing journey on the right track. I became more aware of the different investment vehicles that would help me preserve the value of my money regardless of the inflation rate and also to make my money work for me by accumulating gains from interests and dividends. Now I am an active stock trader and a mutual fund investor. 
Opening an Account If you want to open an investment account, you need to visit the nearest brokerage house or bank that caters the financial service that could help you achieve your financial goals. It's quite a hassle to visit a bank right? Why don't you just do it online and get your first investment account from Globe-Maybank partnership?
How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money?
It's been 2 years since the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas approved Maybank's spin-off of ATR Kim Eng Capital Partners, Inc. (“MAKE Capital”) Trust Department to a newly established Stand-Alone Trust Corporation (“SATCo“) named, ATRAM Trust Corporation (“ATRAM Trust”) and now, they are making it easier for you to subscribe to their professionally managed mutual funds by simply using your smartphone.

To open a GCash Invest Money account, follow the following steps: 1. Download the G-Cash app and register. Make sure that your account is verified. How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money? 2. In the home screen, tap the "Show More" and select "Invest Money". How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money? 3. Fill-up the following necessary information about yourself to find out your investment profile: a. Your approximate net worth b. Your source of funds c. The purpose of your investment d. How much you see yourself to invest in GCash Invest e. Confirm if you are a U.S. person or not How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money?
4. Read and understand the Terms and Conditions. This is the most crucial part which most of us do not read. I think if you're dealing with money matters, it is worth spending your time reading the terms and conditions. How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money? 5. Review all your answers before proceeding. If everything is correct, go ahead and tick the confirmation box which certifies that you have read and understood and you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of GCash Invest Money Service and click the Confirm button. How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money?
6. You will be notified via email and SMS once your registration has been approved. I received the notification of approval one day after I submitted my registration.  How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money?
How you can earn with GCash Invest Money? Take a look a the simple illustration below so you will know how your investment earns form the service. How to invest and earn using GCash Invest Money?

As an advocate of financial literacy, I am glad that more and more Filipinos are now investing. Thanks to social media where information can be spread so quickly. Unlike before, it's now very easy to open a stock investment account or to subscribe to professionally managed mutual funds with a very minimal opening investment amount. If you want to be part of the investing public, go ahead and subscribe to Globe G-cash Invest Money!

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